The PAL Program

The Peer Accessible Learning (PAL)

Your child may be a perfect fit for us! The developmental preschool is for 3 to 5 years old who have been found eligible for special educational services through an evaluation assessment. We like to include 2 or 3 typically developing students in each developmental preschool class to serve as role models. These students are called “Peer Friends” and may participate in daily class

 Your child will receive a preschool education with circle time, songs, crafts, gross and fine motor times, choice time and many opportunities to socialize and empathize with others. These special helpers develop their own leadership skills and confidence as well as provide an important example to their friends with special needs. Parents must provide transportation for peer students. We teach pre-readiness skills such as colors, shapes, numbers, letters, name writing and listening comprehension through the course of each day.

For more information, please contact the Early Learning Center Learning Center @317-259-5458