Hilltop Childcare/Preschool

Early Learning Center

Early Learning Center and Preschool provides licensed care to children ages 3-5. We provide a warm, supportive atmosphere with opportunities to explore and interact with materials, adults and other children. Our preschool has an outstanding staff committed to the philosophy of fostering each child’s intellectual, social/emotional, physical, and character development. These are vital foundations that will help foster each child’s experience. Each classroom environment is designed to create a safe and warm atmosphere where children are encouraged to be creative, grow socially and academically, and build positive self -concept.

For more information, please contact Early Learning Center Learning Center @317-259-5458


Early Learning Center Developmental Preschool

Early Learning Center Learning Center Developmental Preschool serves students ages 3 through 5 who have met the eligibility requirements for special education services and supports and would benefit from early intervention.

Services are determined on an individual basis following an assessment and a case conference to determine eligibility according to state and federal guidelines. The continuum of service includes speech-only therapy to a more intensive Developmental Early Childhood Program.

Therapies are integrated into the Developmental Preschool by speech and language pathologist, occupational therapist and physical therapist. In addition to the teacher, each class has instructional assistants supporting the needs of the students/

Neurotypically developing students participate in the classes as “peer friends” to provide a positive role model for language, pre-academics and behavior.

The school staff is committed to creating a warm, nurturing environment where each child may grow, learn and develop to his or her full potential.